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The owners of the site are geeks themselves, with founder Marc Crouch in particular having spent many years staring at code editors and wasting countless hours on geek haven Beyond that, Crouch felt there to be a real need for an online dating site that helps geeks – who are often more shy socially than most people – to connect with others who value their interests as much as them.When asked why he felt the need to set up a dating site for geeks, his first response was “Obviously geeks are the sexiest species of human. So while the site does carry an irreverent tone, there is a serious service on offer underneath the l33t-speak and memes.But there’s often some added difficulty for those us that identify as nerds.Picking the right time to reveal your inner-crazy to someone you’re dating becomes that much more real when your insides are full of Doctor Who trivia and the melodies of random anime soundtracks. You liked AND fav'ed me, so send me messages, okay?I'm Eric, a SWM, age 48, but doesn't look or act it, 5', 9" tall, 185 lbs., slim, short brown hair, hazel Rochester Minnesota Valkyriemecha 49 Man Seeking Women First off I need to get the fact that I am a full time caregiver for my mother off my chest, so it doesn't leave me with a wealth of time or money to throw around.If you’re looking for that deep, intimate connection with someone that’s brought on through a mutual appreciation of Korra being the dopest Avatar prodigy in history, head to Soul Geek. Companion and the salty ass boyfriend that usually gets left behind for an alien?You could legit just post photos of you in cosplay and you wouldn’t even stand out. Doctor Who’s entirety is based on the appreciation of life and the connection between them. Take a lesson from your favorite Doctor and open up your two hearts for love.

Date within the Fandom or with People Who Just Like the Art of Anime and Manga Thanks to Anime Lovers Dating!A new online dating site for geeks was launched today.Targeted at people who proudly wear the geek label (or nerd, dork, whatever you want to call it), it aims to bring together people who have strong interests in specific topics such as coding, gaming, anime, comic books, cosplay, science fiction and fantasy. I’ve loved “Sailor Moon” since I was in middle school, and I dressed up as her for Halloween a few years ago.I remember watching “My Neighbor Totoro” when I was a kid, and I know tons of people who love “Spirited Away,” “Kiki’s Delivery Service,” “Dragon Ball Z,” “Ghost in the Shell,” and other anime movies, shows, and manga.

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