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Even though the film, directed by Frank Perry, received an X rating for the graphic rape scene, it earned a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination for Burns.During the filming of Last Summer, a seagull was killed. Finally when the scene was finished the director, Frank Perry, told me the bird had broken her neck on the last throw." Hershey felt responsible for the bird's death and changed her stage name to "Seagull," as a tribute to the creature. "It was the only moral thing to do." The name change was not positively received.Her father, Arnold Herzstein, also appeared in Americana.She publicly acknowledged the desire to be recognized in her own right and later in 1974 she did just that, winning a Gold Medal at the Atlanta Film Festival for her role in the Dutch-produced film, Love Comes Quietly.Her career suffered a decline during a six-year relationship with actor David Carradine, with whom she had a child.She experimented with a change in stage name that she later regretted.

She also appeared in two of Carradine's independent directorial projects, You and Me (1975) and Americana (1983), both of which had been filmed in 1973.During this time her personal life was highly publicized and ridiculed.The youngest of three children, Barbara always wanted to be an actress. She was shy in school and so quiet that people thought she was deaf.She said that she found Field to be very supportive of her in her first acting role.Barbara's acting debut, three episodes of Gidget, was followed by the short-lived television series, The Monroes (1966), which also featured Michael Anderson, Jr..

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