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Whether you are a teacher on a school workshop, a parent enjoying our Explorer Points or an inquisitive researcher studying our treasures from the Ancient worlds; The Beaney is a building for everyone.The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge (formerly the Royal Museum and Art Gallery with the Buffs Museum) is housed in the former Beaney Institute building on High Street.Within the museum are collections of Old Master drawings, paintings dating to the 16th century, local archaeological artefacts, and Saxon jewellery from the region.

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At first it was a pagan warrior society but in 597 St Augustine was sent by Pope Gregory to bring Christianity to England, and was welcomed in Canterbury by King Ethelbert and his Frankish Queen, Bertha.We’d like to bring you an exclusive sneak peek at some of these items before they go on display. Century AD, this openwork circular gold pendant is a fine example of its kind and was used on many items of clothing and jewellery during the Early-Anglo-Saxon period.Measuring only a few centimetres in length with a spiral pattern at its centre known as a tetraskele, this small pendant was found locally by a metal detectorist near Manston in Kent.The Kingdom of Kent was distinguished for outstanding craftsmanship in jewellery, metalwork and glass.Alongside the pendant The Beaney houses many examples of such craftsmanship in its collections, such as this Silver disc brooch, set with garnets and decorated with cloisonné work and gold wire filigree.

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