Dating my bc rich guitar

The ensuing combination results in a guitar with the classic V shape but with a distinctly metal twist.

Perhaps the most unique of the V variations, however, is the Draco. The flames, decorated by a decal, form the actual shape of the guitar body. Rich has created a number of iconic guitars throughout its 44 year history; many of them have been mentioned in this article but not all.

I tried to look it up but could not find any mention of the B XXXX format on the serial number.

In case you are wondering about the tag in the pics, he recently had it for sale at a local shop.

Despite the advent of the Warlock ending the period of the classic B. Rich guitar designs, the company has by no means stopped producing innovative shapes and of V’s, show only slight changes from the original V design, but others feature much more elaborate alterations.

The Beast V, for example, combines the classic V design with the body shape of the Warbeast, a modified Warlock.

He felt that if he made them affordable that people would buy them.

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However, the shape of the Eagle was somewhat toned down in comparison; the body spike was eliminated, and the cutaways grew longer on the top and shorted on the bottom. The guitar was developed by Neal Moser, who worked with legends including Hendrix and Crosby.

Featuring two spikes jutting past the tuning pegs, the headstock of the Warlock appears the most brutal bottle-opener in history.

With such a revolutionary body and headstock, the Warlock gifted the metal scene with a guitar that looked as great as it sounded.

The intense, savage sound of a Draco perfectly mirror the appearance of the guitar, has embarked on. The company has become one of the most revered brands in the guitar manufacturing industry, and has found particular success on the metal scene.

Ed Roman Will Beat Any Price Anywhere On Any Guitar. Only exception unavailable or limited edition models, which make up less than 10% Of what is available on the market. The rich Germans, Japanese & Arabs account for many of those. The models include the Mockingbird, Bich, Beast, Stealth, Warlock, and many more. Because of the negative connotation involved with Asian imports in the high end marketplace many of these so called high end snob guitar buyers were barely aware of his existence.

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