Delonte west dating gloria james

Intrepid users have realized that the Twitter account doesn’t really belong to Delonte, but that West’s private account @Charlee Redz13 is the real Twitter account for Delonte.

In the now viral tweet, the fake Delonte account mentioned Le Bron speaking badly about his own father and as such, the fake West reposted a meme that asked whose father was better — Steph Curry’s dad or Le Bron’s dad.

Would Salaf have found it appropriate to comment on the fact that James was dating someone more than a decade her junior if she were a man? Newsflash, Kalaf: Your blog post is actually peculiar and creepy because it's predicated on the assumption that it's somehow gross, wrong or bad for an older woman to date a younger man, just like the hand-wringing rumors from a few years ago that Gloria James had a sexual encounter with Lebron James' former teammate Delonte West. Don't sports writers have stuff like drafts and games and scores and coaches to write about?

If, say, it were Lebron James' hypothetical 44-year-old father who happened to be dating a 31-year-old woman? Why devote space (or hell, even brain power) to a scandal-mongering, sexist, ageist, post about an athlete's mother? It's so frustrating that we continue to live in a world where women's sexuality, even that of non-famous women who happen to have famous sons, continues to be policed in this ridiculously close-minded fashion.

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West took to social media to blast the NBA superstar for allegedly making disparaging remarks about his family.Instead of a photo of James’ father, there is a photo of Delonte as Le Bron’s dad.In the hashtags, the fake West writes a “ha” laugh label, as well as a label that claims Delonte is really Le Bron’s dad, and the final “ask Gloria” punch at the end. It was a rumor that spread so far and wide that some claimed it was the reason that Le Bron played pretty horribly during the 2010 NBA playoffs.Delonte even reasoned that he would not name his own son after himself because West doesn’t want the rumor about Delonte and Gloria to follow his own progeny.As reported by Delonte refused to name his son Delonte, Jr., simply because of the West rumor about Gloria.

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