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Now that I have my first disclosure out of the way, I feel better about my future.But telling someone I really like will still be scary and difficult...In my experience, it was extremely scary to start dating again after my diagnosis.

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I recently completed my MA in sociology at the University of Northern Colorado where I explored the role of stigma in the process of disclosing a genital herpes diagnosis.Just because we have been diagnosed with an STD does not mean that we do not have the right to enjoy casual sex if that is what we desire.These websites could be a great place to meet someone to have a casual dating relationship with, without having to worry about transmitting the virus.I am going to lay out the pros and cons of using herpes dating apps and websites to the best of my ability, but I would like to hear from you all about your own experience with the world of online dating with herpes!Pros: I personally believe that the herpes dating websites have a lot to offer, especially for newly diagnosed individuals.

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