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As actors, we’re so used to emotional vulnerability, but you feel physically vulnerable at the same time, and luckily Rob [Huebel] and Alia Shawkat, I could not pick better people to play with. It’s interesting, especially if you act stoned at the same time. Getting high that much, that’s how she tries to connect to people; that’s how she lets go. I just was like, “I don’t want to see my boyfriend or someone I love touching anything else.” You brought in a third?

Pursuant to legal process and with the assistance of the Internet service provider, QWest, investigators were able to gather important information that furthered the investigation.Sirull was arrested at his workplace, a Fed Ex Kinkos in Phoenix. Search warrants were served at the business and also at Sirull’s nearby home. Special agents from the FBI and ICE assisted in the search.Sirull’s vehicle was also seized for forfeiture because he used it to facilitate the offense.[ I wonder if she’s capable of finding inner peace, or if she thrives on neuroses and conflict. And I really don’t think that people who are well make for as fascinating characters. Some of the greatest stuff that I watch, that I’m drawn to, is deeply flawed human beings.

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