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The girl snuck out of her home after midnight, and Bowers took her to a local motel, where they had sex.In their final IM chat, Bowers told Helms on June 4, 2006, that he wanted to just be friends.__Helms: __ If you said to a man you know that is the same age as you that you slept with a 15 year old, they would probably literally beat the crap out of you.__Bowers: __Yeah.__Bowers: __Well, anyway, I guess (the) best way to prevent it from occurring again is no webcam.__Helms: __Do you want me to leave you alone?Search traffic mostly came from New York, New Jersey and Florida, and 56% of searches came from men.

The girl's parents tried to intercede, but in December, 2005, Bowers traveled from his home in Dallas to where Helms lived in Orange County, California.

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An FBI affidavit filed in the original criminal investigation shows the two communicated through a variety of means.

Helms initially contacted Bowers over Yahoo Instant Messenger after seeing his personal Geocities webpage.

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