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Can the show possibly be as bonkers as the album sleeve? The pointy-faced half of ‘The Mighty Boosh’ is back on tour for the first time in five years in ‘An Evening with Noel Fielding’, promising chunks of surreal stand-up, live animations and musical spots.

Plus, Fielding fan favourite characters The Moon and Fantasy Man will be making an appearance.

No longer Hard Rock-affiliated but still packing a hefty rock ’n’ roll punch, Calling moves to Clapham – and the big news is that US stadium rock kings Aerosmith are due to sling power chords across the common this June, led as ever by rubber-lipped screamer Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry.

PALOMA FAITH Hackney’s sassy, retro soul songstress, who’s an out-and-proud fan of insane outfits, theatrics and doo-wop harmonies, plays cuts from her latest LP ‘A Perfect Contradiction’.

Meanwhile, Will Smith’s 16-year-old daughter looked nothing like the young girl who sang the catchy tune back in 2010.

The singer/actress debuted a more mature look at a Chanel event in Tokyo.

The real question is: will Old Gregg be flashing his mangina and drinking Baileys from a shoe?

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And with brother Noel already confirmed to make an appearance, fans are speculating as to whether a family reunion may finally happen.

Brilliant bluesy first single, Wall Of Glass – complete with rasping harmonica – arrived last night.

It comes backed by a video featuring Liam in a £1,000 gold anorak.______________________________________________________________________ ARE you seeing double Miss Daisy Lowe?

Delightful Daisy joked Alexa “threw one hell of a party”.

We can’t say Daisy didn’t warn us, as she rocked up to the bash wearing a T-shirt that read “double trouble”.______________________________________________________________________ POP-star-turned-golf manager Niall Horan says Harry Styles is his favourite golf partner.

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